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Why You Should Hire A Professional Bookkeeper

Overwhelmed with your finances? Struggling to find a spare minute?

We live in a world that seemingly continues to spin regardless of how many tasks we have on

our endless to-do lists.

We’re sure you’ve asked yourself many times, how on earth will I get everything done? What

about all of my other obligations?

If you don't have a bookkeeper, a professional bookkeeper, this is likely a significant part of your

daily routine!

It's easy to think working harder will solve our problems, but maybe it's time to consider

working smarter? 

Let’s look at five fundamental reasons why you should hire an experienced bookkeeper.

They’re ‘Professionals’ for a Reason

As much as we can enjoy feeling like we know best sometimes, a professional is exactly that; a

professional. Utilising a bookkeeper to manage your finances can sound like a lot of time and

money and you feel as though you should do it yourself, right? 

Bookkeepers are specialists in their field and are in great demand because of it. Time and time

again, bookkeepers are hired by business owners because they are absolutely crucial to your

company's functionality. There’s no room for disfunction or human error to come into play for

these professionals, especially when adhering to your business's financial obligations.

Mistakes Can Be Detrimental 

Some of the essential parts of your finances include keeping in control of your tax affairs and

maintaining your cash flow. Being busy makes it even simpler to overlook things and you may

not be properly dealing with outstanding or late payments from customers and suppliers, or

perhaps you’ve missed a minor detail that has put a spanner in the financial works.

A hiccup, big or small, could immediately put a bump in the road for your cash flow and a lack of

attention might put you under undue pressure. It's best to keep this sorted with a professional

that’s keeping their eyes consistently glued to your figures.

Instead of worrying about the work you need to do, hand off the bookkeeping to an expert. It is

a bookkeeper's job to keep on top of your cash flow while advising you on how to maintain its

optimum levels.

They will also ensure that every detail of your financial papers are filled out correctly and

delivered on time and in the right place, reassuring you that you are keeping up with the ever-

changing laws and obligations of the financial world.

Bookkeepers See All

The saying remains true, even in accounting. Two pairs of eyes are better than one. Having an

attentive financial expert onboard can help you understand your money in a way you hadn't

seen before. You can be shown a different perspective that could be useful for saving money,

time or solving a problem you may or may not have known you were in the midst of.

At the very least, your new bookkeeper can tell you precisely what you need to hear about your

finances. They’ll sift through the jargon associated with the world of accounting, hand-picking

the details and aspects you actually need to focus on.

Quit worrying about the niggly and oftentimes dull corners of accounting you’d usually be

required to understand as you’ll have someone doing that for you. Thank goodness for


You’ll Be Saving Time and Money In the Long Run

Time, time, I need time! We feel your pain!


Although you may think you save money by doing everything yourself, the fact is that a

professional bookkeeper saves you more. When you hire a professional, you know you are

gaining someone that has perfected their job offering services you or your internal team simply

don’t have the skills for.

Areas where you may be missing the mark are generally as rudimentary as human error and (or) lack of knowledge, both of which can be dangerous - especially in finances.

When you hire your bookkeeper, their knowledge will be extensive in the financial arena. For

example, missed payments, missed tax obligations, due dates, and delayed accounts receivable

are crucial to complete for your business. If done incorrectly, it can be very costly and damaging.

When you use your new bookkeeper, they manage these diligently and reliably, saving you time

and money from just about every angle.

It'll Help Prioritise Your Wellbeing

Imagine you have already got your new bookkeeper crunching the numbers. You are saving time, money, and loads of energy. Your team is happier because they feel your relief. Your dynamics in the workplace flow smoothly. Your stress levels are down, and sales are high. You don't feel burnt out returning home and you have enough time for a coffee and lunch. You’re finally breathing again!

It’s imperative that you think about these feelings and know that this can, and should be, yours.

A workplace shouldn't weigh you down. Of course it’s supposed to be work, but it should consist

of tasks you can handle so you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment every week.

Sustaining a certain level of happiness is critical and having the rest of your team exude

enthusiasm and functioning well together only benefits you as a business owner. A workplace’s

productivity is only as good as your least productive member. If you want to establish a smooth-

running work life, you need to ensure your staff are satisfied. Nothing is more important than

keeping a solid work-life balance.

Since you have gained your new accounting member, you’ve been able to sit down and manage

your business with far less mental distraction. Rather than focusing so hard on the numbers,

your time can be spent on areas of your business that truly need and deserve it!

There are endless time, financial, and overall business benefits to introducing a professional

bookkeeper to your operations. Now it's time to start working smarter, and your next step is to

get straight into the hiring process to find the best bookkeeper for you!

Contact Ironbark Industries Bookkeeping today to discuss our bookkeeping

services, your specific requirements or for any other financial management enquiries.

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